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Utility Locating


You never know, how many electrical, communication, gas and sewer lines are there under the ground. Before digging the ground, it is so essential to verify the location of the utility lines. It is not a practical approach to start digging blindly because there are several risks associated with it. To name a few, there are risks of severe injuries and hefty repairs. The best part amid all is that utility locating services are in your reach now. We, at Calburton, use the latest technology for utility locating. Precision speaks for us; we precisely identify and mark utilities on the ground and create reports for you.

State-of-the-art Technology

Gone are the conventional methods of utility locating; now is the time to welcome the precise and safe way of accomplishing the tasks. We use state of the art utility locating equipment and GPR system to identify and mark utilities. We don’t rely on the utility maps; we believe in thoroughly investigating the entire area with the help of specialized equipment.

Safety Comes atop Everything

It is justified to say that we share deep likeness for attention to detail and help in finding the missing pieces of the puzzle for your ease. Worker safety and community safety, both are important to us. With our upbeat utility locating service, we strive to create a safe environment for our community and engineering and construction industries by providing them with accurate information related to underground utilities